Sun, Jul 12, 20:49
How'd you get this number?
This is Cynium, right?
The production company
Who is this?
You probably don't remember but we met in Cannes at the filmmakers dinner last year
I'm SO sorry about the soup thing again, that should not have happened
Oh, right. It's you.
You never sent me the dry cleaning bill
Don't worry about it.
Anyway, super excited about this new movie! Safe Space? Any chance I could get a link to the cut?
Aww c'mon, don't be like that. Heard it's David Lynch meets Charlie Kaufman. Would really love to check it out.
You'd have to ask Saba Zerehi, our producer-at-large. She's the decider.
Saba?? She's still with you guys? I thought she went to A24, pretty sure I saw something on Deadline
Don't believe everything you read on Deadline.
lol touch
BTW really loved your work on the new Biden campaign ads. That was you guys, right?
Not sure where you heard that, but not really at liberty to talk about it.
Ah okay, some top secret shit huh 🀐
Something like that. Look, I gotta go...
Wait, didn't you guys do a pandemic movie? Before the Soderbergh thing?
🀯 🀯 🀯