Take timecode-based notes in any screening. Then export them as markers to Avid Media Composer or DaVinci Resolve.

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When you’re watching a cut, you should be paying attention to what’s on the screen—not your notepad or phone.  We figured there had to be a better way to take cut notes, and when we didn’t find one, we built it ourselves.

With Dropcode, you don’t even have to look down. Just tap the bottom of the screen to drop a marker at the current timecode.

And for those times when a marker might not be enough, we’ve got you covered. Swipe right to make a note using a preset you can customize, or left to write your own note.

Done watching? Simply export your markers and throw them on a timeline. Dropcode exports to Avid Media Composer and Davinci Resolve, with support for other NLEs coming soon. Addressing cut notes has never been simpler.


Never forget what you were thinking during that scene again. Dropcode is an indispensable tool for editors, directors, producers, and executives.

Fri, Nov 27, 22:47
Got a sec? I have questions.
Fire away.
Does the 24 setting work with material shot at 23.976? What about other framerates?
Dropcode counts elapsed time, not timecode, so for all intents and purposes 23.976 and 24 are identical. Elapsed time is converted to timecode format only for the sake of making it possible to import locators into an NLE. We're considering supporting higher framerates in the future, but have no plans to support any drop frame framerates (ie 29.97).
How does it sync up to picture?
You start Dropcode just like a stopwatch, so it's up to you what you sync with. You can use the 2-pop, first frame of picture, or the moment the cat shows up. Dropcode creates a navigational marker every time you start/pause/resume, which lets you easily sync your imported locators once you bring them into your timeline.
Can I import markers into Premiere or Final Cut Pro?
Not yet. Neither Premiere or FCP natively support importing markers (!), so this requires workarounds.
Can I edit my notes/markers?
No, but you can delete them. Just swipe left on the marker you want to delete. Like with that text from your ex.
Can I run the app for the length of a feature? Will it kill my battery?
Dropcode is designed to be very battery-efficient. The screen dims automatically when you sync up, and it'll run for hours and hours with very little drain on your battery. So, basically, don't worry about it.
Why is it red?
Night vision.

Dropcode: Timecode-based notes on your iPhone. Available in the iOS App Store.

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